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How We Make It


Other egg powders are made with a process called spray-drying that's been around since at least the 1930's. It's a process designed for cheap industrial products. Egg is very sensitive to heat. Just think of how quickly you can fry an egg in a pan, you can even fry an egg on the hood of car on a sunny day.

Spray-dried powders are dried at very high temperatures (usually 390F!) which ruins the egg whites and denatures the protein. Those powders end up with off-flavors, diminished nutrition and functionality.

Our Egg Crystals are made with our own proprietary crystal freeze-drying technology that dries them under 120F! No other company in the world does what we do. We dry egg whites at very low temperature to preserve their high-quality protein and fresh taste. 

The result is a clean-tasting, highly functional egg white protein powder. Because we're so careful during drying, we don't create off-flavors that we have to cover up later. Try it and see for yourself!

Is it Patented? No, it's secret

People often ask us if our technology is patented. The answer is no. Why not? The problem is if we patent our technology, it becomes public information which anyone could steal. Defending patents inside the USA is expensive but doable. Defending patents overseas is next to impossible for a small company.

Instead, we just keep it secret. If no one knows how we do it, no one can copy us.

We Are Processors

Most supplement companies are not processors. They buy industrial egg whites that anyone can buy and develop their supplements from those common ingredients.

We are different, we are processors. We buy liquid egg whites straight from the farm and process them with our own technology. 

Spray dried egg white process

What's wrong with this picture? Standard egg white powders are exposed to extremely high temperatures (390F) during drying and then held at 130F+ for days on end. Egg companies do this because they're producing for cheap industrial markets and they're trying to produce as cheaply as they can. Egg white powders are made to be used in mass market baked products, cookies, muffins, pasta and things like that. They're not meant to be eaten by themselves, only as a small ingredient in another food product so you can't notice the off-flavors. 

They also don't always use the freshest egg white they can. Industrial egg white powders are a way for egg companies to store excess liquid egg white in dry form when demand drops and they can't sell the liquid before it spoils. By the time they get around to drying it, the egg whites could be a month old and already starting to degrade. Then they abuse it with heat during the drying process. This isn't a problem for your typical cookie manufacturer, but is this what you want in a supplement?

They're not producing for athletes. We are.

Egg Crystals egg white process

We on the other hand produce strictly for athletes. We take care throughout the process to make sure we're preserving all of the protein and nutrition found in fresh egg whites. From carefully selecting farms in order to get the freshest egg white possible, to quickly processing at low-temperatures, we produce egg white protein that tastes great and really works. 

The proof is in the pudding, our Egg Crystals taste just like fresh egg white, so you know you're getting the nutrition you deserve.